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What is Catholic Mental Health Ministry?

What is Catholic Mental Health Ministry?

A Brief Overview

Are you new to the concept of Mental Health Ministry and its significance in the context of the Church, Parish, Dioceses, and Catholic Communities? This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding.

The course comprises seven engaging video modules lasting approximately three to eight minutes. This course is highly recommended for those embarking on their journey as Mental Health Ministers, serving as an ideal starting point for a deeper exploration of this crucial topic.

Enroll today and begin your journey toward becoming a Mental Health Ministry advocate and leader, making a difference in your community and beyond.

Introduction to Catholic Mental Health Ministry

Introduction to Catholic Mental Health Ministry

How to start or further develop a Mental Health Ministry

Discover how you can be a driving force in providing impactful mental health ministry to your community. 

This course is ideal for individuals seeking to positively impact their community through mental health ministry, including parish leaders, educators, volunteers, and anyone passionate about enhancing mental health support within Catholic settings. You will gain the knowledge, support, and resources you need to begin a mental health ministry in your parish or diocese.

Enroll today to be a vital part of improving mental health awareness and support within your faith community.

When a Loved One Dies by Suicide

When a Loved One Dies by Suicide

This course is based on the book "When A Loved One Dies By Suicide: Comfort, Hope, and Healing for Grieving Catholics" and brings to life the moving stories of Catholics who have navigated the challenging path of suicide loss.

Explore authentic accounts of Catholics affected by suicide loss, gaining insights into their journeys, grief experiences, and the solace found in faith and community. Learn more about the role of Catholic traditions and teachings for solace, hope, healing, power of prayer for comfort, personal storytelling, addressing the psychological pain and avenues for growth, and promoting a call to loving service within the Catholic faith.

Those who want to learn Catholic teaching about suicide and to be better able to offer empathy, compassion, and prayerful support to those affected by suicide loss.

Accompanying Those Who Mourn

Accompanying Those Who Mourn will provide the training necessary for parish or Catholic community leaders to start or further develop a bereavement ministry. The training will develop leaders' understanding of grief and how to companion or accompany someone in their sorrow.  

Course Highlights:

1. The Companioning model of bereavement care – Often, we find that grief is treated from a clinical perspective or as a condition in need of treatment. However, we will find that the Companioning model of bereavement care is much more in line with our Catholic faith and one that we can all learn.  

2. Bereavement care in the Catholic context – Find out how bereavement care may look in a Catholic setting verses a non-Catholic or secular setting.