About Us

We are a Lay Association of the Catholic Faithful dedicated to healing and supporting individuals struggling with mental illness. Our mission is to make mental health ministry an integral part of every Catholic parish and community across the globe.

What is Mental Health Ministry?

Mental health ministries provide vital spiritual accompaniment for people experiencing mental health challenges and mental illness, as well as those who care for them.


Our Courses

To access these courses please create a user account in the CMHM Learning Center. Our Association subscribers and members are not automatically granted CMHM Learning Center accounts.


Why did we start this Learning Center?

Our goal is to provide a learning opportunity that is accessible, engaging, and informative. This opportunity will equip individuals interested in becoming a Catholic mental health minister with the necessary skills and confidence to participate in mental health ministry.



"My overall experience with the 'What is Mental Health Ministry' course was positive. This course will be valuable for parishes and dioceses looking to initiate a Mental Health Ministry."
- Member of Holy Spirit Wellness Ministry, San Jose, CA.

"I will recommend these courses to our parishes"
- Member of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.